Body Care



You need: Hydrate and nourish

Enhanced with Vitamin E spheres that melt into the skin instantly, it provides the body with an infusion of radiance, protection and 48-hour hydration. Special Nickel-Tested* formula, free from Mineral Oils and Alcohol, to be gentle on your skin. Dermatologically tested.

The rich, creamy texture delivers an antioxidant concentrate of VITAMIN E encapsulated within a myriad of micro-particles by way of MICROSPHERE TECHNOLOGY, so as to maintain all of the product’s beneficial properties until application to the skin. Improving skin tone and evenness. Enriched with a masterly combination of HYALURONIC ACID and HYDRA COMPLEX, it stimulates tissue regeneration and helps to hydrate the skin for up to 48 hours. Finally, a blend of PLANT-BASED ACTIVE INGREDIENTS (Royal Jelly Extract, Orchid Extract and Moringa Oil) boasting renowned nourishing properties, restores the ideal level of nourishment and prevents the epidermis from drying out. The skin is soft, relaxed and regenerated.

Special Nickel-Tested* formula, free from Mineral Oils, to be gentle on your skin. Dermatologically tested.

*May contain trace amounts of Nickel lower than 0.00001%.

Apply the cream daily to the whole body, massaging gently in circular motions. With just a little pressure, the spheres break, melting first into the cream and then into the skin. Absorbs easily, leaving no residue. Ideal for combating dryness, irritation and skin stress.