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A silky, glide-on texture enclosed in single-dose gelatine ampoules that ensure the maximum integrity and efficacy of the active ingredients, preserving them until use. The Anti-Cellulite Ampoules* promote the progressive reduction in the imperfections caused by all types of cellulite, combating the undesirable ‘orange peel’ effect and improving skin smoothness.

*Adjuvant treatment to combat the imperfections caused by cellulite.

Enriched with CAFFEINE and SYMFIT®, by way of massage, the ampoules promote an adjuvant action on subcutaneous microcirculation and the consequent drainage of stagnant liquids, favouring a reduction in cellulite imperfections and localised fat deposits. Complemented by a blend of GRAPE EXTRACT and POPPY SEED, the formula improves skin firmness and tone, combating ‘orange peel’ skin and re-shaping thigh circumference. The results:  Day after day, the skin appears firmer, more compact and smoother.

Cellulite imperfections are visibly reduced***.

*Adjuvant treatment to combat the imperfections caused by cellulite.

**May contain trace amounts of Nickel lower than 0.00001%.

***Efficacy demonstrated with a clinical test on 30 subjects.

®registered TRADEMARK of Symrise AG, GERMANY.

Remove the tip of the ampoule by twisting it, apply the entire contents to the area of interest, massaging in circular motions from the bottom upwards until fully absorbed. The ampoules are effective on their own or in combination with other Biopoint anti-cellulite treatments (Anti-cellulite and Slimming Body Cream and Anti-cellulite Patches).