Professional Hair Program



You need: Define straight hair

Hydrates and nourishes hair without weighing it down, making it smooth and light. Hair is easily combed, silky, and shiny.

Apply the conditioner to lengths and ends after shampoo. Before applying the condition, remember to dry hair with a towel to remove excess water and enhance the product's effect. Leave it to act for a few minutes then carefully rinse.

5 Tricho Cosmetic actions for a highly professional result at home
1 Thanks to its exclusive thermo-active Polymeric based formula i HAIR IS SMOOTH AND CONTROLLED.
2 ELIMINATE FRIZZ, for long-lasting and always smooth straight hair.
3 Protects the SHINE and BRIGHTNESS of hair, as if an invisible film were enveloping each hair.
4 HYDRATES HAIR throughout the lengths without weighing it down.
5 Contains Silk Milk, with extraordinary soothing and hydrating properties, MAKES HAIR SOFT AND SILKY.