You need: Pamper hair

Innovative two-phase instant conditioner that gives hair softness and hydration, gently detangling it. The application is quick and very simple, a quick step for double efficacy: detangling effect and profound treatment, without stickiness or weighing hair down.

Shake well before use so that the two components are perfectly mixed. Apply to washed and towel-dried hair; spread through the lengths, gently massaging, so that the product penetrates deeply more easily. Don't rinse.

Three organic oils form the formula's base: Argan oil, nourishes with extreme lightness and incredible silkiness; Cyperus oil, soothes hair and gives it volume; Flaxseed Oil softens and smoothes the cuticle for maximal brightness. The sweet, amber fragrance with a vanilla base welcomes in the charming fragrances of the East.