You need: Permanent colour

The ammonia-free oil colouring treatment for a natural result that gives shine and silkiness, protecting hair. Nourishes and softens hair enhancing the purity and shine of colour, and giving exceptional lightness and silkiness. A true beauty treatment for hair, with a sensual fragrance, and unique texture.

Pour all of the Colour Elixir into the Developer bottle. Carefully close the bottle and shake until a homogenous mix is achieved. Immediately remove the top of the pre-cut spout and proceed immediately with the application to avoid bursting of the bottle and product leakage. Apply the product to dry, unwashed hair. Leave for 35 minutes, rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear, apply the Orovivo Beauty Treatment and leave for 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Once hair is dry, apply a few drops of Beauty Elixir.

The special oil technology optimises the effect of dye pigments carrying them to the heart of the capillary fibre, thus ensuring excellent coverage and natural and ultra-bright colours. Ammonia-free, it takes care of hair by giving it exceptional softness and shine. Three organic oils form the base of the formula: Argan Oil with a high Vitamin content, Sweet Cyperus oil, with a high tocopherol content, Flaxseed Oil, rich in Vitamin F, for soft and shiny hair.