You need: Repair

An exclusive liquid with an exquisite texture that envelops the cuticle supporting the closure of hair's microfractures. The capillary fibre, reconstructed from within, acquires elasticity, mechanical strength, and resistance. Hair recuperates, softens, regains strength and compactness, and, deeply nourished, is stronger, healthier, and more beautiful.

Apply the liquid to dry hair strand by strand. Leave for 10 minutes then carefully rinse and proceed with shampoo and the mask. Use the Reconstructing Fluid every 2 weeks or when hair is particularly weak and stressed.

An advanced technology based on low molecular weight Wheat Protein which, thanks to its reduced dimensions, deeply penetrates the capillary fibre, strengthening it from the inside; Hydrolyzed Keratin of medium molecular weight acts on the surface of the cuticle, give it substance and body.