Professional Hair Program



You need: Take care of your scalp

Anti-hair loss vial treatment that restructures the root from within at its weakest points. With a fortifying action, it helps to prevent hair loss from the scalp. Arginine, a natural amino acid, settles between flakes on hair, reinforcing it and giving it new vigour. Ginseng has a stimulating and invigorating effect on the scalp.

Apply the contents of a vial to the scalp of washed and lightly towel-dried hair in a uniform manner, on washed and lightly towel-dried hair. Gently massage to help the absorption. Don't rinse. For more impact in “critical periods” or during seasonal changes, when hair is more likely to fall out: apply 2 or 3 vials a week. For maintenance: 1 vial a week.

5 Tricho Cosmetic actions for a highly professional result at home
1 With Arginine, it HELPS PREVENT HAIR LOSS giving your hair new strength and vigour.
2 TONES THE SCALP, thanks to its special formula with Ginseng.
3 SKIN BALANCING ACTION; stimulates microcirculation, preventing scalp irritations.
4 Enriched with Keratin, a constitutive component of hair, it STRENGTHENS THE CAPILLARY STRUCTURE from within at the weakest points.
5 Biotin has a REINFORCING EFFECT and helps to prevent hair loss.